I Wasn’t Wrong Just Incorrect – When Scripture Becomes Word

I have been musing upon the thought: When strong Opinions Clash!

As I considered the topic I thought of Apostle Paul and Barnabas and their “sharp disagreement” (Acts 15:36-41). I thought along traditional lines, “well both could be argued for and therefore a positive ‘moral’ achieved. One being seen as ‘more right’ than the other.”

Armed with traditional thought and my preconceptions (those thoughts often entangled by contemporary and traditional opinions and personal  gifting and personality) I began to study the various passages to outline my thoughts in an ‘academic’ fashion.

To my surprise – which shouldn’t really be a surprise – in examining the appropriate passages I realised there was more than what tradition, contemporary though or my preconception revealed. In examining the passages I found there were large gaps filled in by speculation and large amounts of conjecture useably because the approach to or questions of the text are from presuppositions. But the overarching realisation revealed to me in this event was that God, rather than man, becomes the ‘moral of the story’. I mean, every writer and discussion I’ve heard focuses on what man did, who was right or wrong, who was hearing Christ more etc.

The point most clearly defined is this:

Romans 8:28 (ESV) And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

My point in this musing is not to speak of the title “When Strong Opinions Clash”, I will send that out later, rather it is given as an example to point out our need for Scripture to become Word if we are to live in His light.


We are constantly being conformed to patterns of this world (Rom 12:1-3), not all of it is evil but includes our imbibing and accepting ‘Christian’ truisms (forms of godliness 2Tim 3:5) and traditional theology (Mk 7:8; Col 2:8).

Scripture is not for us to interpret, rather it is for us to seek prayerfully for Scripture to become “Word of God”, that is: God-breathed, so that it may interpret us. It may search our hearts and reveal the sin of our arrogant presuppositions and bring us in humility to the light and life of men, Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. (John 1:1-12)

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