Will The Real Church Stand Up (Cover)
How the Gospel of Jesus Christ contradicts the contemporary church


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TITLE: Will The Real Church Stand Up
AUTHOR: Michael Fewson
PUBLISHER: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1 60034 453 4

Will the Real Church Stand Up brings an important word to those who are passionate about hearing what the Spirit is saying to the churches in our day. With extraordinary insight, Michael Fewson clearly describes the faulty pathways that the churches of the old wineskin have been choosing. He then shines a light of hope for those who recognize the new apostolic wineskin that lays the biblical foundation for the church in a much more promising future.”

C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle
International Coalition of Apostles

Michael and Lesley FewsonMichael Fewson, and his wife Lesley, are the Senior Ministers of Living Way Christian Church, in Perth Western Australia, and are the founding directors of Apostolic Horizon International. In his twenty years of ministry, Michael has received a Bachelor of Arts in ministry; lectured at various colleges; and ministered in Malaysia, USA, Philippines and Tanzania. It is in Tanzania that Michael oversees a growing network of Pastors that are hungry to see their Churches transformed. He has been recognized as an Apostle by the“International Coalition of Apostles” headed up by Dr. C. Peter Wagner.

Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid), Michael became disillusioned with church and left home to join the army. After a life-changing encounter with God, he left the military to become an evangelist and church-planter.

His dissatisfaction with the church remained however, and as a young minister this discontent intensified. Finally, in desperation, Michael cried out, “God, I don’t know what church is – but I know that this isn’t it!”“Will the real church stand up” is both a journal chronicling the revelation received during this time of spiritual maturing, and a warning cry and encouragement for the church to change and become the bride of Christ.

If, like Michael, you have looked around at the church over the years and have agonized over her condition, then this could be a life and ministry changing read. Not intended for the faint hearted or spiritually insecure, “Will the real church stand up”, will challenge your personal, social and cultural conclusions on the nature and purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ for His glory.

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