A Word for our Cities

What does the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will,1 want to reveal of Himself to the church in your city?

A meeting with a friend, sharing what the Lord is saying to him about the city and particularly his leading to establish a new wineskin for discipleship, was a catalyst through which the Spirit revealed a blockage in my mind concerning the church of Jesus Christ. When he shared his direction I asked “shouldn’t that be the work of the local church?” When he replied that the church was one church in the city, although I knew this in an academic way it suddenly hit me as revelation.

A local congregation is not the church in the city but a part of that church. The fullest expression of Christ exists, not in a local church, but in The Church in Perth. Whereas many will agree, the expressions of ‘church’ do not actually reflect this belief. Traditional mindsets are still being expressed regardless of how much we say we believe in one church. And the worldly models of success, power and leadership that control the church keep reinforcing our failure to be The Church.

The gospel reveals that the constructs of our mind, the way we think, what we think, and what we validate as truth, is not the cumulative result of a superior intellect but the result of our sin nature, the world we live in and our inability to resist being conformed to the patterns of this world. Everything we think we know has been implanted into our minds by the god of this age. Paul’s gospel presentation to the Romans points out that we are all sinners and that the world of fallen men has replaced the knowledge of good for evil; truth for lies. Being born into a world of inverted knowledge means that all that we know is inverted and must be considered wrong unless proven right by God’s Spirit.

This is not just true of secular knowledge but also of religious knowledge. I had a construct in my mind concerning church that came from religious power-holders and not from God. I grew up believing in a particular construct of church and that model was reinforced time and time again by the examples of ‘successful churches’. When I finally rejected the validity of these systems and went in search of ‘the real church’ I abandoned what I considered to be systems of men but in doing so I also withdrew from The Church. Even though I rejected these systems as not being a valid expression, I allowed those constructs to obfuscate any valid expression of the Church of Jesus Christ. In so doing, I validated what I had rejected.

Now, through the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, He is directing me to participate in His church. I am not sure yet what that looks like but I want to share what the Spirit has revealed so far.

Constructs of the Mind

The church of Jesus Christ is not denominations, nor is it local gatherings or congregations; it is the family of God on earth. For a long time I had been fixated with the idea of the local church because the ‘church in the city’ seemed to be controlled by religious power-holders rather than led by apostolic men recognised as gifts of Jesus given to the church in our city.

Religious power-holders are basically those who have the appearance of success – large numbers, large incomes, large organisations, impressive speaking resumes etc. They gather together affirming and validating one another2 and hold combined self-congratulatory meetings in the name of unity. Though unity is the expressed purpose for gatherings, they are more often than not vehicles through which worldly constructs are validated. I don’t mean this to sound judgemental or whiney because I am sure they do not understand what they are doing. Still, it needs to be said so that the elect of God, the church in every city, do not get caught up by every passing wind.3

The constructs of religion only exist in the minds of men and are validated or empowered only when we act as though they are true.  ((Isn’t this a very worldly practice? Professionals gather together proclaiming their expertise, training others in the ways of knowledge and truth and then the ‘untrained duly accept their self-stated expertise and willingly follow their advice.)) The religious leaders or power-holders in Jesus’ day were no different to any other self-validating group at any time in the history of the church: religious power-holders suppressing a genuine expression of church of Jesus Christ through religious constructs.4

Jesus declared to His disciples “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it”. Jesus builds His church among every people group of the world. Throughout history, amongst the ‘Christian’ forms of religion has been hidden the Church of Jesus Christ.5

Men, some downright evil using the gospel for profit6 and others simply naive, finding security in the patterns of this world, obscure the actual church through established religious constructs – whether Catholic or Protestant, denominational or non-denominational, conservative or contemporary, evangelical or charismatic, seeker-sensitive, post-modern, revivalist, transformational, emergent, missional; while the church of Jesus may be found amongst people within these constructs, they are constructs of the mind that cause the church to be obscured. The more we validate these constructs, as legitimate as the ideas may be in some of them, the more we obfuscate the church in our cities.

To the Angel of the Church in [insert your city]

I was in a meeting some years ago where a person asked everyone they spoke to the same question, “What has God shown you His strategy for the city is?” At a leaders’ breakfast the speaker was going to share “his heart for the city”.

As the Spirit of revelation has been unlocking my mind – revealing the constructs that I have held for too long as being truth, and renewing my mind – the Spirit has been showing me God’s will in this matter.7 Not a finite strategy for a city, but rather the renewed mind necessary to test and approve what God’s will is.

In Revelation, John is told by Jesus to write a specific message to seven churches. These seven messages have a specific framework8 that can help us in discerning God’s will in regard to our cities. (For my purpose here I will only look at a part of the framework)

  • 1. To the angel of the church in…
  • 2. These are the words of Him…
  • 3. I know your [witness]…

The first point is that these letters are not concerning a city, they have no revelation on winning a city; no strategies for a city; nor do they speak of ‘god’s heart for a city’, rather they are addressed to The Church in each city.9 According to Ephesians 1:11-12, God works everything out in conformity with the purpose of His will, so that we might be to the praise of His glory. Later in 3:9-10 the intent of God is revealed:

Eph 3:10-11 His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, 11 according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord. NIV

In Ephesians the purpose of God is for the church to reflect His wisdom and glory. The church was always in God’s mind as an expression of His glory on earth – a people belonging to God who will declare His glory.10 In each of the letters in Revelation 2 and 3 Jesus reveals an aspect of Himself to the church, speaks about their witness as His church and calls for an action in relation to His self-revelation.

A Word for your City

The conclusion that I have come to through all of this is simple, there is one church in the city of Perth and one church in your city. The constructs of our mind may obscure that church but that construct exists in our minds not in God. Jesus is continually present in His church11 and the purpose of the church is to reveal His abiding presence by being to the praise of God’s glory. This, after all, was Jesus’ mission, to do His will and in so doing bring glory to the Father.12

God’s purpose is to reveal Himself to the church and the church in this city is to exhibit that revelation.13 And so, in prayer, I believe, we need to be asking for the revelation of God in the church of our city.

What does the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will,14 want to reveal of Himself to the church in your city?

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One thought on “A Word for our Cities

  1. elibariki

    Its unseen truth which is hidden on Christ alone and his true servants who are willingly to follow him and abandoned t all false doctrines and the gospel of men. The church of today has many wrongs perspectives because of lack of the daily revelation from the Spirit of God to his church. The sin of the church on later 50Ss,60s is not the sin of the church nowadays or the problem of the church today. So people are very lazy and relaxed in the their ancestors revelations and ideas, I remember one of the comments from Mummy Lesley one time she spoke a lot about how people are resting and comfortable in church nowadays. Things are upside down but they are not bothered.
    I agree with you Apostle Michael especially in your final words in your comments. We need to be asking for the revelation of God in the church of our cities. But Am much convinced those people who are comfortable in this we call church today and unity in our cities they will never agree and come to the true unity of the true church of Jesus Christ. This is because they have many things to sacrifice and abandon what gives them profit and security. Am not here condemning reformers of the church and revivalist of later church in our societies but redirecting the leaders of the church of society today renew their mind and allow God to redirect them to the right direction of the Spirit of Jesus to his Church, because this was the sin of the leaders of the time of Jesus, they were there not to reveal daily bread from God to his people, but to foam new style of worship by following their ancestors ideas and fall away from the God’s will.
    I don’t know how will it be but for sure God is doing it in his church always. it’s the blindness of our people and lack of the glory of God to the people which blinds them to see his will. In Africa we have seen many changes in many areas, men and women of God who have abandoned western doctrine and philosophy theyhave done great works in their cities and glory of God shines and fall in their villages. We don’t need degree or bible colleges or bible scholars to understand these things, but allowing the Spirit of the son of God to renew our mind.
    Eli Mmbando
    Cross Discipleship Ministries
    Arusha , Tanzania.

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