Michael’s Testimony

The following is an excerpt from Michael’s personal testimony.

In a drunken stupor, lying on a barrack room floor where my mates had dropped me, I, an infantry soldier with the 3rd battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment, became aware of an increasing and overwhelming blackness. Although I could see a light shining from a street lamp, its brightness failed to penetrate my window. Its failure only enhanced the darkness surrounding me. Suddenly I was aware of God’s voice calling to me; “this is not what I created you for” He said.

My mind wandered back to my early childhood. I was born in 1959, a year after my parents declared Jesus to be their personal saviour. From a very young age I had a sense of God’s presence and his call on my life. Like the apostle Paul I felt called from my mother’s womb (Gal 1:15). Prophets prophesied and evangelists proclaimed that “the Fewson boy will be a minister one day in the service of Jesus Christ”.

When God spoke to me that night in the barracks room, I knew only too well what he meant. I knew I was set apart for service. I knew that from before birth I was marked as His. Yet I was sinking deeper into a life of sin that was destroying me. (Years later, when my wife Lesley met my relatives they told her they expected to be visiting me in prison.)

My only response to God that night was to agree. “I know Jesus, that what you say is true. But I am being sucked into a black hole and I can’t get out. If you have any other life planned for me,” I cried, “then you have to get me out, because I am powerless. I cannot fight the forces that are dragging me down. Help me.”

And that is exactly what Jesus did. The next morning everything was different. It looked different, smelt different, and tasted different. I was in the same body, at the same army base with the same men around me, but the world had changed. My God-consciousness was no long an occasional flash of guilt in lonely quiet times, but was now prominent in my thoughts; Jesus was very present. From that day the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus set me free from sin and death. He led me forward into a life of joyful service and friendship with my Lord and King Jesus Christ